Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Data has transformative power. It gives us the knowledge and predictive capability to fuel innovation, develop new products and services, elevate customer experience, save money and generate new revenue.

Our Data and Analytics practice is at the forefront of this growing, highly specialised area of business.

We consult to our clients on emerging skill sets and market trends, leveraging an expansive network of data and analytics professionals to fill critical and senior roles in a broad range of specialist areas including:

  • Big Data

  • Business Intelligence

  • Database Marketing

  • CRM

  • Data Mining

  • Segmentation, Insights and Visualisation

  • Data Insights and Analytics

  • Data Warehouse and Management

  • Data Science

Are you an employer?

Our functional and sector experts will work collaboratively with you to develop a recruitment strategy that will connect you with the talent you need to move your business forward.


Key roles we recruit

  1. Data Scientists

  2. Customer Insights Manager

  3. Business Intelligence Manager

  4. Head of Data and Analytics

  5. Head of Market and Customer Analytics

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